Lossless bitmap image compression test

File type : Bitmap image (BMP; 1356x1020 pixels). Please note the picture isn't a 100% bitmap (it's my former wallpaper, so it's a picture converted to 'bitmap format' by Windows itself...). Maybe I will replace this one in time, but it's still interesting to see which programs compress this one the best. The program should be 'clever' enough to analyse the data in the file and compress accordingly.
# of files to compress in this test : 1
Total File Size (bytes) : 4,149,414
Sample of data :

Sample image lossless bmp compression

Conclusion: On place 4 and 10 there are two programs (BMF, ERI) optimised for image compression. This makes the result of PAQ, Stuffit and WinRK even better. All 3 programs, which are all-round compressors, outcompress the number 4 in the list with a stunning 100 Kb. Just excellent!.

Most programs in the top 10 have special models and/or filters to improve image compression.

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